500px-icon social_6-64When you develop a page on a social networking site, you are setting yourself up to connect with everyone else  who has signed up on that service.So if you  sign up on a service with millions of members, you are instantly able to  connect with that many new people. Although you would not generally be able to  send out a global email–that would be spam–you could search for those who are  interested in your product or service. In other words, you could do a targeted  search for your perfect customer or supplier.


  • Social networking benefits to business are best  when you find a way to use more than one page, so it might benefit you to use  multiple email addresses so you can have more than one page with the same  service.  Then link them together.  Having multiple pages will increase your  exposure on the internet. A business that takes  advantage of this tool will see better exposure often in the same day they  create the page! These days, to ignore social networking is to do so at your  own peril.
  • Facebook has quite a few  businesses with well-developed pages.They are mostly for social contacts,  artists, social causes, and bands.  Those who want more professional connections  often turn to LinkedIn.
  • Businesses haven’t really taken advantage of the perks and benefits that Photo sharing sites like Instagram or 500px offers. This holds true especially for real estate marketing.
  • One of the ways to make the most of your social networking page is to hire an  online marketing company to create and maintain it.  That way it stays  professional, up to date, and has enough of the right material on it to make an  impact and improve your search engine rankings.



  • Social Network Page
  • $19999
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  • Custom Design
  • Image Or Video Gallery
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